We are a highly innovative SME, focused on the development of power solutions for defence applications, employing solid-state technology. Being a brand of its own since the development of DefPower’s flagship product, Piedrafita DefPower has recently become a company of its own as well. Our goal is to understand and provide the best power solutions for every defence application.

Our team of highly qualified engineers, from a wide variety of different fields, is capable of developing the most advanced solutions for vehicle power systems under the most extreme conditions.

As part of the Piedrafita Group, Piedrafita DefPower shares the Group’s mission, vision, and values:


Contribute as a European technological reference to providing ground-breaking solutions and products to enhance mission critical system capabilities.


We develop and safely supply innovative products for highly demanding vehicular applications, through continuous knowledge growth and a multidisciplinary team that balances youth and experience. We bring value investing heavily in the success of our customers.
We provide ground-breaking technical solutions to systems designers


The Piedrafita reputation is based on our commitment to supply products and services that guarantee an excellent outcome.
Our boldness when facing with problems and coming up with solutions sets us apart. We stand out because of our curiosity and unrest in expanding our knowledge.
We work with the humbleness necessary to understand our own capabilities and limitations; and with the determination and passion to challenge and beat those limits. We persevere when faced with difficulties, learning from our mistakes.
Yet we are not alone, we cultivate long-lasting relations built on trust within and without our company.

Testing Department


Mainly focused on the motorsport sector at its creation


The Piedrafita group started to turn towards defence.


DefPower being born.

2000s - 2021

Since the development of our first solid-state power distribution unit, the MILPDU Mk. 1, Piedrafita DefPower has embarked in a journey to continuously develop new innovative products, such as its state-of-the-art MILPDU Mk.2 family, which still continues to grow today.

2021 - PRESENT

Being a registered trademark for many years, Piedrafita DefPower is now a company of its own.

Quality certifiaction

At Piedrafita Systems, we pride ourselves on applying the highest quality standards in all aspects of the company. From Management to Engineering and Manufacturing, our whole team works to provide the highest quality products. Piedrafita Prognostics’ mother company is proud to hold the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications, which we adhere to throughout the whole Piedrafita Group. We are also proud to hold the Innovative SME seal, given by the Spanish Government to highly innovative SMEs with constant R&D Projects and Investment.