Tailored Solutions

Piedrafita DefPower specialises in the development of solid-state power distribution solutions. However, our team of highly qualified and multidisciplinary engineers is capable of designing, developing, validating and certifying any component that your power subsystem may require.

Solid state power distribution

Solid state power distribution brings new functionalities to vehicles and systems, but it requires a different approach compared with classical relay & fuse systems. Defpower offers a comprehensive range of services, helping to implement in a cost-effective and high reliable way our DC power management philosophy

Benefits of Solid-state

  • High reliability: Lack of mechanical parts greatly increases reliability of the system, by fully eliminating the possibility of mechanical failure
  • Independent and fully programmable switching logic
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Reduced Footprint: Optimised weight and material use lead to a reduced environmental footprint
  • Low EMC profile
  • Enhanced logistics: programmability of the solutions enables much more efficient logistics by enabling a single reference to be employed on any vehicle by simply changing the programming.
  • HUMS-ready: output data published in comms layer, enabling a plug & play approach to power monitoring.